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Hi, I'm Ariane, better known as C. A. Saltoris

I’m am Taverna da Ilsa’s Founder, Creative Director & CEO. I am also a published Dark Fantasy & Gothic author. I am a mom, a partner, a friend, a daughter, a sister… You see, just like you, I too am multiple, and a huge Fantasy fan! This store and community is my way to bring the worlds we love most closer to our hearts in everyday life.

I hope you feel at home and loved here.

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I'm Not Crazy, My Reality is Just Different Than Yours

“You are… different”. I bet you heard that one before, we certainly have. We prefer smaller groups of people, we talk about vampires, monsters and Sandman. We read Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and we love Mr. Darcy and said “You shall not pass!” at least once in our lives. Is this you? Then great news! You don’t need to fit in anymore, here you belong! 

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