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About Us

About Ilsa and Her Tavern

Oh, well we do know that taverns are usually restaurants, but who said that this one here isn’t one -ish?

Ilsa is a minor character in C. A. Saltoris’ Feminine Fantasy "Banshee Redemption Trilogy."  

Ilsas' Tavern is a popular establishment in the fictional capital Cillighan. Ilsa herself is a strong, humorous woman with a big, warm heart, who fights for her community and who is respected by all.

Ilsa and her tavern were the perfect "face" for this store because she expresses our values exactly: refuge, love, joy and community.

Oh, and a bit of Magik, of course!

It’s Fantasy we create, not costumes

Our products are designed for you to use on a day-to-day basis and still feel that connection. It was important for us to meet your wants as much as your needs and bring our beloved Fantasy Worlds to this sometimes dull enough real life.

Miss Saltoris, The Stage is Yours!

"Hi, I’m Ariane de Melo, best known as C. A. Saltoris. In my writing career I felt the need to be among people like me, those who go in full cosplay to the Comic-Con, who show up all dressed up for Medieval Festivals, play board games and read Fantasy Fiction." Ilsa’s Tavern kept the original Brazilian name: Taverna da Ilsa due to my love and respect for the first readers and fans of this story.

This is a safe space for you to be who you are, love what and who you love, and find your people.

Love, Ariane